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5 Reasons to Visit Solo

Solo is not just a city. It’s a unique place with a spirit, have many cultural heritage, and abundance of splending countrysides and deep sense of  hospitality. It’s a passion for shopping, culinary and festivals.

Spirit of Festivals
Solo has a year-round program of major events, cultural events and festivals. Schedule your visit to coincide with one of the major events or diverse festivals. Join the party that never end as Solo famous essaywriterforyou.com spirit of fun infuses many wonderful festivals and events throughout the year, from Solo Batik Carnival, Solo International Ethnic Music, Solo International Performing Art, and many more.

Culinary Paradise
Solo is known as one of the warehouse its good food. This city has a rich food heritage that embraces influences from every part of the world. Locals will tell you eating is a way of life here. Various food and drink special, traditional snacks can be encountered. For popular its local foods its worthy to be tasted such as nasi liwet (boiled rice), timlo, sate buntel (minced mutton wrapped in fat), pecel (vegetable with special sauce), tengkleng, cabuk rambak, selat, and various types of jajanan pasar (traditional snacks) and other delicacies.

Spirit of Shopping
Solo offers such an incredible range of shopping opportunities, from highEstreet stores to hundreds of unique shops. It has many local products/handicrafts with high quality and craftmanship on it’s process. Known for being a prominent textile centre, Solo produces an array of colourful clothing and fabrics, including its very own unique versions of ‘batik’ (waxEdyed fabric) which is very popular and sold almost everywhere.

Variety of Accomodation
With 28 star rated hotels, 71 nonEstar hotels and over 5.000 rooms, there is an answer to every budget and preference. The accommodation range includes basic hotels, historical landmarks converted to hotels, and modern rhetorical analysis paper example business hotels. Most hotels offer fully equipped business centres, meeting facilities, broadband Internet access and other conveniences for business travelers

Hospitality of it’s People
Solo is famous for the hospitality of it’s people. Discover the distinctive smile and greeting from Solonese which will make you as part of the family.

Value for Money
Solo offers a variety of convenience and comfort at a reasonable price. Visitors can enjoy shopping, food and transportation with low prices but good quality. Hospitality of Solonese is becoming its own added value that you can feel in the city, and will make your visit complete and worth.